Monday, September 13, 2010

Yesterday in my kitchen....

Have you ever woke with you day all planned in your head? As your senses came awake you had all of it coming together? I did that yesterday morning.

I pictured a chicken parm type dish, done in individual one serving casseroles, one to eat now, the rest for the freezer. As I made my way to the kitchen, I pictured bran muffins with dried fruit in them. By the time I was putting my coffee on I had rice pilaf planned. Then I thought of a lovely Tuscan bean soup and I was hooked, my day was planned.

With coffee on, I got the dogs and went outside. They roll on the grass and I look at my garden, some tomatoes ripe, a couple of zucchini. My peaches look ready, squeezing one it gives a little, so I pick it. Coming back into the house with my bounty, I taste the peach. Too firm still but wonderful flavor, I eat it all.

Muffins first; fresh ground whole wheat flour, organic bran, ground flax seed, old fashion oats, molasses, honey, coconut oil, buttermilk and eggs and the baking powder, soda, spices and dried cherries. How lovely they turned out. I kept some out to eat and froze the rest.

On to the rice, olive oil in a pan, various herbs and spices, then the nice organic brown rice. stir a bit and add broth, cover and simmer. As the rice cooks I go on to other things. Simmer a chicken thigh, add canned white beans, carrots, tomatoes, some herbs. By the end of the day, I have lovely Tuscan bean soup to eat and in the freezer, rice packaged in baggies and froze and all those lovely muffins.

What a lovely day I had.