Friday, December 30, 2011

Raggedy Ann and Andy and my life

As a small child, I would sometimes wish for a thing but never speak the wish aloud. Somehow, I thought, if I wished hard enough, the wish would come true. Three of these wishes still stand out in my mind. One Christmas when I was 8, I wished for a toy sewing machine. (that might have started my desire to sew) Another wish was that my daddy would drive an ice cream truck so we could have a never ending supply of Good Humor bars. The third wish was for a Raggedy Ann doll.

The love of Raggedy Ann and Andy, never went away. My son's all were given an Andy when small. Later when I finally got a sewing machine of my own, I made a Raggedys for my daughter (she is my youngest and only girl) and many of my grandchildren.

One year I made small ones for my grandmother and my parents. I have them all now, their original owners have passed away. They are cherished as memories of the love I felt for them.

I am also a collector of things raggedy......although I never made one for myself, my friend Evelyn made me one, I've bought them at thriftshops, yard sales and flea markets. Such a simple thing, to love so much. But you see, Raggedy Ann loves you back.

Welcome To This World Gabriel James

A new grandson with his whole life ahead of him, like blank pages in a book. Clean, crisp, pristine. I hope your life is wonderful, little one. Your grandma sure thinks you are wonderful.