Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning to freemotion quilt

My newest interest is freemotion quilting. I've done some small quilt projects before but never got to the point of learning the actually quilting part. I've haunted Youtube and websites and have been practicing. I really think I am getting the hang of it but last night I sewed my finger. I can't help but laugh, 50 years of sewing and my first sewing injury. The websites advise practicing on squares or rectangles of fabric/batting sandwiches. Since I am a waste not, want not kind of person, now my goal is to find uses of these small quilted squares and rectangles. Today I am working on a bag for my granddaughter, Mya to use for her Barbie clothes. My original thought was just a drawstring bag but I seem to be making something a little more complicated now. I should be done tomorrow and then back to practice squares.

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